Build end-to-end experiences that drive growth across all digital channels. Marketing, product and engineering teams work together to deliver seamless user experiences with AB Tasty.

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Marketing and Growth

Get more from your brand assets: increase conversions, CTR, AOV, forms filled, and revenue.

Product Managers

Build sticky apps and features customers adore: Drive engagement, adoption, product loyalty and revenue.

Engineers and Developers

Ship faster and safer: Forecast infrastructure costs, reduce risk with progressive deployment.

Why people love AB Tasty

Innovate faster

Enable your product team to put users in the center of product strategy, while enabling engineering to deploy code faster. Centralizing all your feature deployments and experiments on one dashboard enables product and engineering teams to stay agile.


What messages and features drive the most engagement? Put your ideas to the test by running A/B, split and multivariate tests across all devices. AI-powered traffic allocation automatically sends visitors to winning variations.

Relevance with

Use AI-powered psychographic and engagement-based segmentation to push custom messages, features and functionalities to specific audiences on any devic
Benefit from low-code to no-code widgets, driving unrivaled time-to-value and ROI.

How does AB Tasty work?

+15% conversions

Ashley's furniture eliminated client frustration by shortening the checkout process, reducing cart abandonment rates and creating a more fluid transition to the payment step.

Case studies of companies we’ve helped optimize

+11.6% in digital consultations

Panasonic discovered how to effectively drive more customers to digital channels for faster support, creating a better experience for users and significantly reducing support costs.

+11.6% in
digital consultations

+12% in account creations

Run a website personalization campaign using AB Tasty to encourage visitors to become members, use their accounts, and to take advantage of one of their discounts applicable to visits of two nights or longer.

+12% in
account creations

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